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What is the cost of surrogacy?

It is important to be straightforward and say that the surrogacy journey is usually a challenging and emotionally demanding journey. Before making your decision, it important to have explored other paths to become parents like adoption and understand the pros, cons and all the cost involved (i.e. surrogate mother cost).

surrogate mother cost

If you decide to pursue surrogacy, you need to get clarity about what are the possible surrogacy and surrogate mother cost because surrogacy signifies an important cost for many intended parents.

The total cost of a surrogacy process could include: surrogacy agency fees, surrogate mother cost, fertility clinic fees and legal fees. Nevertheless, there are some common factors that you need to consider which can affect the cost of surrogacy significantly.

Bellow you will find a surrogacy cost breakdown, please note that these costs are estimates for the US and may fluctuate from state to state as do laws regulating surrogacy.

Surrogate mother cost

Surrogate mother Cost can change based on first time or experienced surrogate mother fee and singleton versus multiple pregnancy.

  • A base fee for a surrogate can be around 35,000 - 40,000 USD and you should add about 5,000 USD if she is an experienced surrogate mother.
  • IVF Embryo Transfer Fee 1,000 USD
  • Maternity clothing allowance 500 USD
  • Twin pregnancy fee 5,000 USD
  • C- Section 3,000 USD

Medical and Psychological Screening Costs

For the psychological screening and medical screening, you should estimate about 3,000-5,000 USD (depending on your IVF clinic and the test you and your surrogate mother will need to pass).

surrogacy cost

Legal Fees

In this chapter, you should include the surrogacy contract draft, the surrogate mother layer, the parentage declaration and the trust account management to manage the surrogate mother cost: You can estimate about 10.000 -15.000 USD

Other surrogacy cost to be considered 

  • IVF Medications for the surrogate mother (it can vary depending on the clinic and the needs of your surrogate)
  • Fertility physician for embryo transfer cycle (costs will vary depending on your clinic)
  • Monitoring for surrogate mother

cost of surrogacy

This is a common list surrogacy cost list, however there some decisions that can make you save money.

  • Option 1: Don’t use a surrogacy agency. This may be a debatable decision but you can find a surrogate without the help of an agency. If you find your surrogate independently and do the paperwork just with the support of an attorney, you can save a lot of money.
  • Option 2: Make sure your surrogate mother has her own health insurance that covers surrogate pregnancy (Note that not all insurances covers the surrogacy process)

You need to be aware that it’s not easy to make an estimation as every surrogacy journey is different and involves factors that can impact the final surrogacy cost. The typical cost of surrogacy can range from 100,000 USD to 150,000 USD depending on the state where you are going to pursue surrogacy, the type of surrogacy process (traditional surrogacy vs gestational surrogacy), if you decided to work with a surrogacy agency or if you find an altruistic surrogate mother. For example, in states like California, the cost may be slightly higher than in Ohio, it will depend on the demand. On the other hand, the legal requirements can also vary between the states.

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